RJ Polo supply the finest Polo equipment for every  individuals, professional players and teams across the globe. As one of the leading Polo retailers they offer bespoke equipment, gifts, tack and repairs. Ensuring you are supplied with the finest Polo equipment for both player and horse - if you can't see it here on our online shop, please give us a call to discuss your needs. Based in Cirencester, RJ Polo travel all around the UK and you will find them at all the major Polo events. Amongst our products are: Polo gloves, boots, helmets, pads, bits, bridles, saddles and fittings, bandages, boots, headcollars, Polo goggles, Polo bags, Polo clothing, mallets and balls, Argentine Polo belts and Polo whips.

RJ Polo owner Richard, formerly of Roxtons Polo has been working within polo for over 25 years. He is a qualified master saddler and highly regarded as one of the leading polo suppliers worldwide.